Cat6/6A RJ45 Keystone Jack for High Performing Network Cabling

RJ45 Keystone Jack

The quality of any networking infrastructure can only be identified by the quality of equipment used in it. From patch panels to optical fiber cables to connectors, there are various types of small to big equipment and devices involved in building a super fast and state-of-the-art networking infrastructure whether it is corporate or industrial.

Keystone Jacks are one of the key components of any network. These are lightweight, 14.5×16mm face-sized connectivity modules with standardised snap-in packages for mounting a variety of low-voltage electrical jacks or optical connectors into a keystone wall plate/faceplate, surface-mount box or patch panel.

Many different types of Keystone Jacks are available in the market but RJ45 Keystone Jacks are the most in-demand nowadays. So no matter where you are planning to run an Ethernet cable, RJ45 Keystone from AE Connect Jacks is ready to deliver an excellent networking experience.

RJ45 Keystone Jacks from AE Connect are highly demanded due to their ultimate performance at a competitive market price. Our RJ45 Keystone Jacks always provide magnificent connectivity and data transmission experience whether these are being used for home network installation or the largest data-hungry applications at data centres.

In our RJ45 Keystone Jacks, phosphor bronze termination contacts will stand up to multiple punches while the Keystone Jacks as a whole meet or exceed the industry standard TIA/EIA 568-B. No more time-consuming colour labelling is required due to the availability of colour coding with RJ45 Keystone Jacks from AE Connect. Quick identification just got a lot easier with AE Connect’s colour-coded RJ45 Keystone Jacks.

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Types of Keystone Jack AE Connect offers:

Reliability, trustworthiness and robust performance are three key pillars of our vision of fulfilling the networking and connectivity needs of India. We are dedicated to providing the networking solutions of the customer’s choice by understanding the requirements of the products from the customer’s perspective. In the case of RJ45 Keystone Jacks, we have a wide range of Cat6 and Cat6A Keystone Jacks to address various networking needs of the home, corporate and industrial networks.

Various types of Keystone Jacks AE Connect offers are:

AE-C6KEY-W/Y/R-180 RJ45 Keystone Jack

UTP Cat6 Keystone Jack – 180 degree

Can accept 23 ~ 26 AWG solid wire

UTP Plug – 50 Micron Gold over nickel contact

Attractive High Impact Plastic Body

  • Model: AE-C6KEY-W-180
  • Dual IDC: Krone or 110 Type Use IDC
  • IDC Contacts: Phosphor Bronze
  • Dust Cap: Cable strain relief & Dust protection
  • Performance exceeds TIA/EIA – 568A/B.2.1 Standards
  • Colour Option: White, Yellow, Red
  • 8-Position 8-Conductor (8P8C) RJ45 Contacts

AE-C6BS-KEY RJ45 Keystone Jack

UTP Cat.6 Keystone Jack – 180 degree

Can accept 23 ~ 26 AWG solid wire

UTP Plug – 50 Micron Gold over nickel contact

Attractive High Impact Plastic Body

With dust cover (shutter)

  • Model: AE-C6BS-KEY
  • Dual IDC: Krone or 110 Type Use IDC
  • IDC Contacts: Phosphor Bronze
  • Dust Cap: Cable strain relief & Dust protection
  • Performance exceeds TIA/EIA – 568A/B.2.1 Standards
  • Colour Option: Black

AE-C6KTL-90 RJ45 Keystone Jack

  • Ideal for standard keystone wall plates, patch panels and surface-mount boxes 
  • Terminate your Cat6 wall jack without using a punch-down tool 
  • Toolless punch-down connection compatible with 22-24AWG Solid Wire cabling 
  • RJ45 port compatible with all Cat6a cables 
  • Meets all EIA/TIA Cat6 requirements

AE-C6A-KEY RJ45 Keystone Jack

  • Easy installation requires no punch-down tool
  • Use with a wall plate for network wiring instals
  • Designed for high-speed network applications
  • Shielded STP Cover Designed for protection from external radiated noise
  • Gold Plated RJ45 Contacts On the jack contacts for durability and a long lifespan
  • T568A/B Wiring Scheme colour-wiring diagram for ease of installation

How to pick the most suitable Keystone Jacks for you?

  1. Category of RJ45 Keystone Jack: It is important to know the types of cables you are going to use or which network category your cables are supporting because the use of a compatible category RJ45 Keystone Jacks is always recommended for better performance. Some cables are backwards compatible such as Cat6 supports Cat5e and Cat5e to Cat6 but in the case of Cat6A using a higher grade Keystone, Jack is always a  preferred choice.
  2. Shielded or Unshielded Type RJ45 Keystone Jack: If your networking area is free from Electromagnetic Induction then Unshielded type RJ45 Keystone Jacks are the best choice due to their lightweight and affordability. However, in case there is a transmission of sensitive data and EMI is also available then the use of Shielded RJ45 Keystone Jack would be a wise decision.
  3. 90° or 180° Type RJ45 Keystone Jack: Using a 90° or 180° is only a matter of wire connection angle. If you need a wire connection at 90° then use a 90° RJ45 Keystone Jack and in case you need a 180° wire connection then use a 180° RJ45 Keystone Jack. The choice of angles of RJ45 Keystone Jacks depends upon the needs of networking equipment wire connection.

Applications of RJ45 Keystone Jacks:

RJ45 Keystone Jacks from AE Connect are designed to ensure the reliability of networking infrastructure and are widely used in wall plates, patch panels and surface mount boxes. All our RJ45 Keystone Jacks such as AE-C6KEY-W/Y/R-180 RJ45 Keystone Jack, AE-C6BS-KEY RJ45 Keystone Jack, AE-C6KTL-90 RJ45 Keystone Jack and AE-C6A-KEY RJ45 Keystone Jack are compatible for a variety of applications from home networks to data centres to industrial networking applications.

Some of the most demanding features of RJ45 Keystone Jacks from AE Connect are all our Keystone Jacks are designed for high-speed network applications, Gold plated RJ45 contacts for durability, colour wiring diagram and performance exceeds TIA/EIA standards.

Our Keystone Jacks are built with high-grade material for a longer life span and seamless data transmission. We work on the principle of delivering 100% customer satisfaction rate which ultimately fuels our motivation to address India’s networking challenges in a broader aspect. We are constantly adding more products to our catalogue so that India can become a fully independent country, an Atmanirbhar Bharat in the networking and connectivity sector in future. So if you require any type of networking product we are your one-stop solution.

AE Connect is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality Connectivity and Networking Products. We have been able to build our credibility over the last 15 years with our best-in-class high-performing products. Our infrastructure is equipped with advanced machines and appliances to deliver the networking products of the customer’s choice.

We work as a Digital Transformation Partner for all our clients. Along with our smart networking and connectivity products, there are a few other benefits of partnering with AE Connect such as all our products are customised to work in Indian conditions, a massive power budget & superior performance of products, and 3 years warranty & extended warranty support.

Our Networking Solutions Include:

– PoE+ Solutions

– Fiber Solutions

– Structure LAN Solutions

– Networking Rack Cabinets

– Networking Tools

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