Best Networking Tools To Test & Troubleshoot Your Network!

Best Networking Tools To Test & Troubleshoot Your Network!

Whole universe expands with time. Human brain evolves with experiences. Technology grows with experiments. We follow the same path. Our products too revolutionise with customers’ choice. Our passion to deliver world-class networking products drives us to continue feeding innovation in every single segment of our networking products.

Planning, designing and manufacturing of networking products for various sectors is only one part of our duty, the other part is to ensure the proper functioning of networking equipment. Proper functioning of networking infrastructure leads to better outputs in industries, corporate offices and other sectors where time-bound action matters a lot and their output plays a crucial role in the economy of the country.

How can we ensure seamless connectivity and superfast decision-making processes at these places? By regular testing and ensuring a strong connection between equipment in networking infrastructure, we can construct a high-performing networking frame for any need. However, before performing testing procedures it is necessary to make sure that testing tools are of high quality and excellent in providing accurate results. Accuracy plays a crucial role, where a millisecond delay can cause bugs in the whole internet system.

Networking equipment allows the exchange or storage of important data which travels through networking cables. Even if a single cable is not connected properly to a PoE Switch or any other networking equipment, it may cause data loss or any other networking issue.

How can anyone avoid these types of networking issues? By utilising the quality network testing tools. AE Connect should be your first choice for all types of networking setup and testing needs. We understand the importance of testing procedures in various types of networking infrastructures whether it is a data centre, corporate office or any industry. All our networking tools are designed in a way to fulfil various types of testing needs. Along with providing PoE++ Injectors, Managed PoE+ Switches and Unmanaged PoE+ Switches, Industrial PoE Switches, Fiber Optic Cables, Media Converters, SFP Modules, Patch Panels, Networking Wall Plates etc. we also offer various types of network testing tools that are helpful in identifying and resolving the networking issues in an easiest possible manner.

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Types of Networking Tools AE Connect Offers:

1.  CAT6 – Crimping ToolCrimping Tool - AE Connect

We provide 3 ways crimping tool 8P8C with a cable stripper to make sure wires are properly connected to connectors. It supports UTP and STP RJ45 (8P8C), RJ11, RJ12 (6P6C/6P4C), RJ22 (4P4C/4P2C), Modular Plug and DEC/Offset Plug 6P4C to fulfil all types of testing requirements. Our Cat6 Crimping Tool features a flat telephone cable Strip, force-saving design, carbon steel material for durability and a length of 8.0” (203mm).

2.  Crimping Tool Cum LAN Tester


Crimping Tool with LAN Tester comes with Ratchet 10/8/6/4 Pin suitable for testing both UTP and STP Cat6, Cat5e and Cat5 network cable. It allows testing cables for continuity, shorts, opens and mis-wires. Pin to pin indication, test mode selection for run once or test repeatedly, auto power saving, low power indications and single and multi-wire cable crimping are a few useful features that improve the network testing experience. It supports various modular crimping plugs such as 10P10C/RJ50, 8P8C/RJ45, 6P6C/RJ12, 6P4C/RJ11, 4P4C and 4P2C/RJ22. Crimping Tool Cum LAN Tester from AE Connect comes with an embedded cable stripper and cutter.

3.  LAN And BNC Tester

LAN Tester from AE Connect comes with a BNC pin which allows testing for open, short, straight, and crossover wires in connectors. It is a perfect choice for testing network telephone and coaxial cables with RJ45 and RJ11 connectors. LAN and BNC tester is equipped with some excellent features such as Line DC detecting, anode and cathode determination, ringing signal detecting, open, short and cross circuit testing. It supports 25mA current and featured with 9V DC laminated battery, Black and Red colour combination and RJ45 to BNC cable and CE & RoHS compliant.

4.  Punch Down Tool

Punch Down Tool by AE Connect can provide an impact of 110 and 88 types. Hook and Spudger tools are built into the handle of Punch Down Tool. Our Punch Down Tool will allow you to remove wires from any style block or help trace wires. By using the spudger remove the cross-connect module from the mounting bracket. The adjustable spring impact mechanism allows low impact (LO=10±2kgs+) for 24- and 26-gauge wire or high impact (HI=15±2kgs) for 22-gauge wire. Convenient blade storage is built at the end of the handle of the Punch Down Tool. All blades used in our Punch Down Tools are interchangeable, reversible and durable. It provides easy blade insertion and switch, accepts standard industry blades, adapter blade allows technicians to use a variety of torque tool bits and sockets. Ergonomic design provides a better grip and reduces hand fatigue.

Why Network Testing Tools from AE Connect are best for your infrastructure?

Ensure a strong connection between data transmission and reception equipment with high performing networking tools from AE Connect. Our high-quality networking tools allow testing wire connections in networking infrastructures where patch panels, registered jack, keystone modules and other similar networking equipment are used. All our networking tools are designed and manufactured in India and best to work in Indian conditions. Get next-generation networking with our networking tools at a competitive market price and make your networking connections stronger and faster.

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