Dreams, Challenges & Empowering Make in India: The Journey of AE Connect


Everything starts with a dream. AE Connect too started from there. It was the dream of our founder, Mr. Devendra Sharma to expand the connectivity infrastructure of India exponentially. With that in mind, he established AE Connect.  

From working with various MNCs, importing connectivity products to setting up India’s first computer hardware manufacturing industry, AE connect has extensive experience in fulfilling all networking and connectivity needs of Indian businesses.

Let’s retrace the journey of how AE Connect came into existence and changed the connectivity & networking sector for good.


“If you can dream it, you can do it,” said Walt Disney. When Mr. Devendra Sharma entered this business in 2005, he started out as an importer. He imported networking products from MNC’s and sold them in the Indian market. However, with the passage of time, he realised that majority of his clients started complaining about the ineffectiveness of the networking products.

After ransacking his brain for all the possible reasons for the low performance of products, he realised that it wasn’t a manufacturing defect, but simply the products were not suitable for the harsh Indian climatic condition.

The Indian Climate, with its diverse and extreme characteristics, is very demanding and takes a toll on the performance of various networking and connectivity products. Having recognised the problem, he realised that it was essential to create networking and connectivity products that meet the needs of the clientele and are suitable to perform under the Indian climate.

With that aim, in 2015 AE Connect came into existence. The self-manufactured products were to be sold under the brand name AE Connect. It is easier said than done, however, Mr. Devendra did convert his dreams into reality with sheer hard work, dedication and determination.

The process of switching from trading to manufacturing was not an easy task. Our years of experience importing these products was enough for identifying the features of products, quality of products but for manufacturing of these products we needed to do more research and experiment.

The AE Connect Team decided to challenge these hardships and problems. As it was out of our comfort zone, we started expanding our limitations by diving deeper into the solutions to these issues.

A dedicated team of designers, researchers and industry experts worked tirelessly for more than two years on the research and development of networking and connectivity products that are Made in India and Made for India.

This is how products by AE Connect came into existence. As we were on a journey of self-reliance, the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign acted as a catalyst in our growth. It provided us the impetus we required and we, in turn, synergised our goals of manufacturing products in India with the goals of the campaign.

The Way Ahead

AE Connect aims to design and manufacture next-generation data networking and video surveillance products, solutions, and services of global standards. Support of our clients across the world is the inspiration for us to deliver the best-in-class products.

High performance and user-friendly PoE Switches, Optical Fiber Solutions and Structured LAN are the backbone of the Internet of Things like CCTV surveillance, Wi-Fi coverage, VolP Phone System, Smart Home, Smart Buildings, etc.

Made in India products, quick turnaround time, lesser cost as compared to imported products, three years warranty support and suitability for Indian conditions are a few promising features of partnering with AE Connect.

The Journey of Dreams, Challenges and Empowering Digital India will always inspire us to strengthen our credibility over time with the support of our global clients.

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