PoE Switch, Fiber Cable & Structure LAN Cabling: Caring Networking Solutions Needs of Various Sectors

PoE Switch, Fiber Cable & Structure LAN Cabling Caring Networking Needs of Various Sectors

Human life revolves around technology. We are surrounded by various technologies that play a significant role in our Networking Solutions. Not only our personal life, but Industries that are producing these technologies are also dependent on various other technological solutions that empower their growth. However, one thing is common in our daily needs as well as in industrial needs, which is the need for seamless data and power transmission.  CCTV Cameras, WiFi Access Points, Video Surveillance Systems, VoIP Phones etc. have become necessary in every place be it domestic or industrial arena. The purpose and specifications of equipment can be different at different places but the demanding nature will remain the same.

Great networking experience and uninterrupted connectivity are two essentials for speedy events in life and smooth industrial operations. These essentials can only be provided by connecting the right equipment with the most suitable technology. For example, VoIP phones and WiFi Access Points need a power budget upto 15.4W of IEEE 802.3af PoE standard, PTZ Cameras, Video IP Phones and Alarm Systems need a power budget upto 30W of IEEE 802.3at PoE+ Standard, IP Cameras and Laptops need a power budget of 60W or 100W of IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ standard. It is just an example of power needs, network bandwidth, physical, temperature, humidity and various other requirements may vary according to different locations of use.

To understand the requirements and suitability of equipment, we focus on analysing real-life events and industrial operations, closely, so that we can get the exact idea of the specific needs. In case of a high power supported IP Camera, smooth data and power transmission are necessary, if the required power budget is not available, the camera may not work properly or efficiently or anytime a failure can occur. To avoid these types of failures, it is necessary to understand the importance of power needs completely.

Research and development team at AE Connect focuses on designing and manufacturing products of customer’s choice along with utilising more than 15 years of experience in delivering high-quality and high-performing networking and connectivity solutions that cater for all industrial needs efficiently.

We offer a variety of PoE+ Solutions, Fiber Solutions, Structure LAN Solutions, Networking Rack Solutions and Networking Tools which are designed and manufactured by understanding the real-life power, physical and environmental requirements and by taking care of all precision measures.

Our Product Range:

Since 2005, we have been delivering the networking and connectivity needs of various sectors whether it is a College or University, factory or a data centre, we have always taken care of all necessary steps that help us to find and analyze accurate data of our client’s requirements. After analysing that data our team of experts work on designing and manufacturing of our products.

PoE+ & PoE++ Injectors, Unmanaged PoE+ Switches and Managed PoE+ Switches.

Active: Media Converters, Fiber Switch and SFP Modules.
Passive: Optical Fiber Cables, Fiber Adapters, Fiber Optic Pigtail, Fiber Patch Cords and Fiber LIU.

Cat6 Cables, Patch Cord, RJ45 Connector, Keystone Module, Wall Plate and Patch Panel.

Wall Mount Racks and Outdoor Racks.

Cat6 Crimping Tool, Crimping Tool Cum LAN Tester, LAN and BNC Tester and Punch Down Tool.

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Sectors That Are Powered By Our Networking & Connectivity Solutions:

As different sectors fulfil different purposes for society, the networking needs of these sectors may vary, due to this reason we focus on providing networking solutions that meet and exceed the requirements of different sectors. For example, an industrial environment requires more robust/rugged physical characteristics of equipment in comparison to general requirements and the reason behind this are harsh conditions such as high temperature, moisture, mechanical vibrations etc. Clear understanding of the product’s needs, for a particular task, plays a crucial role in better output.

●     Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry - Networking Solutions

Design and development of motor vehicles require strict monitoring of every event. Assembling and proper placing of motor parts require clear observation by using a Video Surveillance System. Even a single delayed process can disbalance the whole structure of the vehicle, which is why speedy data transmission, a good power budget and excellent physical requirements in networking equipment, are a few necessities for smooth operations in an Automotive Industry.

●     Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical Inspections - Networking Solutions

Mechanical Inspections are important testing processes to find the manufacturing or various other types of defects in the metal product or any parts. For clear and close views of defects, high-quality cameras are necessary. Industrial Grade PoE+ Switches from AE Connect come with an excellent power budget and provide data and power transmission simultaneously to support and fulfil the requirements of these high power cameras.

●     Military and Space Applications

Millitary and Space Applications Networking Solutions

Networking products are the backbone of Military and Space operations. Strong network connectivity, real-time data transmission and high-speed event monitoring require high-performing networking solutions to perform important tasks in a time-bound manner. Our networking solutions are designed to make the networking experience smoother and faster in these types of most important applications.

●     Transportation Industry


With the advancement of technology, transportation systems are also evolving from super high-speed trains to aeroplanes. Networking solutions play a crucial role in empowering the transportation industry from the back end. High-speed data and power transmission make the signal transmission and reception faster which is necessary to manage and control transportation effectively. The future of Transportation is in Intelligent Transportation Systems. ITS is an advanced version of transportation, by using innovative services it aims to provide excellent traffic management and different modes of transport to make a safer, coordinated and smarter use of transport networks. Networking products are the backbone of ITS.

●     Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Industry - Networking Solutions

There are various types of manufacturing processes, performed in manufacturing Industries in which proper monitoring and visual inspection are required. Smart networking solutions allow performing these tasks effectively.

●     Education Sector


With super fast blazing speed education sector is also evolving with the evolution of smart networking solutions. Internet has contributed a lot to the education sector through its enormous values. Our smart networking solutions are used by various schools and colleges which require high-speed data transmission along with power. By ensuring the best quality of all our products, we are contributing to strengthening the education sector of India.

●     Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry - Networking Solutions

Surgery and Dentistry, both are the most demanding departments of the healthcare industry. Seamless connectivity of networking equipment provides uninterrupted video transmission which allows doctors and experts to look into the medical issues remotely. Even in the pandemic era, we have seen that high-quality, high-performing and best-in-class networking equipment opens up new opportunities to make remote medical practices accessible for anyone. It is a boon for locations where people face challenges in extreme weather conditions or getting an expert’s advice during an emergency is difficult. Our networking solutions are designed to support the needs of the healthcare sector at an advanced level.

●     Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas Industry Networking Solutions

Oil and Gas industries play a crucial role in strengthening the economy of every country. It is a sector that mobilizes the whole world. Safety and security have been a major concern in Oil and Gas Industries. Excellent monitoring, high-performing equipment and excellent durability are the most demanding segments of these industries that can only be fulfilled by best-in-class networking products. Only industrial grade networking solutions can sustain the harsh environments where high temperature, moisture, mechanical vibrations and electromagnetic interference are major concerns. Our industrial-grade PoE+ Switches and LTPoE++ Injectors are empowering the networking experience of Oil and Gas Industries.

●     Data Centers

Data Centres Networking Solutions

Data is a new gold in the 21st century and data centres are the gold mines. As data centres play a crucial role in the transmission, reception and storage of important data, security and durability have been a major concern. Only high-quality, high-performing, durable networking and connectivity equipment should be used for seamless data interchange. Low-grade networking products may lead to failures which can result in important data loss. All our PoE+ Solutions, Fiber Solutions and Structure LAN Solutions are designed with years of research and development for these products to provide a seamless networking experience in data centres, especially in Indian conditions at a competitive market price.

●     Smart Building Systems

Data Centres Networking Solutions

Now, it is the era of smart buildings, with the new inventions to support the Internet of Things – the technology of the next generation, human life has become more dependent on networking systems that interconnect multiple devices and equipment with one another to make our life easier. Smart buildings use high-grade networking solutions for automatic controlling of essential elements such as heating, cooling, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, security and other systems. All these tasks can only be performed effectively if systems are getting signals on time which is only possible with high-speed networking equipment.

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How can partnering with AE Connect be beneficial?

  • Made In India:

We are contributing to Atmanirbhar Bharat and the Make In India campaigns by designing and manufacturing networking and connectivity products in India. This is our way to support and strengthen the economy of India.

  • Our Products Are Customised To Work In Indian Conditions:

We have extensive experience in providing high-grade networking solutions which support Indian bands, Indian conditions, and Indian industrial needs. As we are aware of the Indian power fluctuations, climate conditions and other segments that can affect the networking experience and infrastructure. Our product provides complete networking solutions that ensure uninterrupted power and data supply 24/7.

  • Superior Performance:

High-performing networking equipment not only ensures the peace of mind for our partners but also strengthens the trust of users in our products. By continuously adapting new technologies and upgrading our existing products, we ensure that our products must deliver superior performance for all needs in the current scenerio as well as in future conditions.

  • Smart Networking & Connectivity Products:

All our networking and connectivity products are designed in such a way to provide a smart networking experience. With advanced technological tools and techniques, in-depth analysis of needs and a dedicated R&D team, we provide exceptional solutions that cater to the networking needs of various sectors.

  • Your Digital Transformation Partner:

We are here to work as your Digital Transformation Partner. We are not only upgrading our existing product range but also expanding our wings to add more products that are going to play a crucial role in modern networking infrastructures. We are focused on providing next-generation connectivity products that power the networking game of users.

Providing best-in-class networking products at a competitive market price is our promise. However, excellent warranty support with AE Connect is an added advantage for our product users. We not only provide warranty support but also extended warranty support on selected products which help our partners to acquire and retain new customers for a longer period.

Why our products are preferred over other imported products? All our products are customized to work in Indian conditions with a massive power budget, superior performance, and 3 years warranty & extended warranty support, these unique qualities attract customers towards our most demanding networking solutions that ensure seamless and memorable connectivity. Our PoE+ Solutions, Fiber Solutions, Structure LAN Solutions, Networking Rack Solutions and Networking Tools provide ease of installation, are flexible for network expansion and come with a minimal investment budget. High-power sourcing solutions, secure networking, reliable connectivity, faster internet speeds, and greater and better bandwidth are a few most popular features that our products offer.

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