Know Why Fiber Patch Cords Are Important?

Fiber Patch Cords

With advancements in fiber optic technology and transmission systems, the perfect end-to-end connection of the systems is a necessity. This practice is immensely used in data transmission. Safe, secure and continuous data transmission can only be achieved with high-quality accessories used in networking infrastructure. Fiber Patch Cords are an important segment of it.

Before we dive deeper into the importance of the Fiber Patch Cords segment, let’s read about What are Fiber Patch Cords?

What are Fiber Patch Cords?

Optical Fiber Patch Cords are an important part of the optical cable wiring management system. These are passive components for realizing the active connection of different devices and systems in optical fiber communication. A fiber cable with a connector at both ends is called a jumper and only one connector at one end is called a pigtail.

Fiber patch cords are used in conjunction with the fiber distribution frame, junction box and terminal box to achieve the fusion of the optical cables in different directions. The flexible distribution of jumpers and wiring enables efficient and flexible management and maintenance of the entire fiber-optic

The benefits of Fiber Patch Cords are:

Fiber Patch Cords are the fiber-optic cables capped at either end with connectors that allow them to be conveniently and rapidly connected to telecommunication equipment. The thick layer of protection of Fiber Patch Cords is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver and terminal box.

Fiber Patch Cords are popularly used in connections to CATV (Cable Television), telecommunication networks, computer fiber networks and fiber test equipment. Reliable cabling systems are becoming important day by day. Active optical equipment also uses Fiber Patch Cords for network connections.

Simplicity: Better to structure and simply control your wired network

Ease of Communication: Patch panels make it easy for network administrators to transfer, attach or change complex network architectures by centralizing the cables in one location. Patch panels are a smart way to easily move communication lines from one office to another. The signal travelling through a fiber cable is contained inside the individual fiber strand. It must be accessed from the end of the cable by cutting into it.

Use: Patch panels are used for companies in places that house telecommunications equipment and play a critical role in network functionality.

Fiber Optic Patch cords are terminated with fiber optic connectors (LC, SC, MTRJ, ST, and more) at each of their ends. These connectors allow the cord to stay connected to an optical switch or other computing devices. They are ideal for indoor use in server rooms, data centers, medical imaging, mechanical engineering, LAN applications, Cable TV networks, Telephone lines, and more.

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Why Fiber Patch Cords Are Important?

The importance of fiber patch cords lies in the benefits of using them. Sub-standard patch cords may affect the performance and reliability of the networking system and are often the most common source of failure within a network. The risk of network failure, due to unreliable network cable should be avoided.

The quality of Fiber Patch Cords only means certain properties required for data transmission are satisfied. Maintaining this quality for a longer period makes Fiber Patch Cords Desirable. Featuring excellent reliability, superior adaptability, and improved security, fiber patch cord has been the best choice for applications where conventional copper cables fail to reach.

Bandwidth Rate:

The best way to transfer a high amount of data with speed is only possible with fiber patch cords. A terabyte of data can be transferred within seconds through these fiber cables. High bandwidth rates allow increasing the efficiency of data transfer at a higher level.

Fiber patch cords that are available in the market have low bandwidth that they promise. AE Connect understands the need for high bandwidth rates to provide an excellent data transfer experience. Businesses that want to grow faster always focus on using products that are made with high-quality raw materials and provide excellent performance. Fiber patch cords of AE Connect are manufactured to deliver high bandwidth.

Communication Speed:

Speedy performance, speedy operation and speedy communication really matter for the speedy growth of businesses. By using Optical Fiber Cords, we can easily speed up communication.

Anyone can access real-time data today, it is possible only due to Fiber Patch Cables. These cables are necessary to power up the networking and connectivity life of businesses. The faster speed of light makes it possible to access the data at a higher speed.

Attenuation Absence:

Attenuation of the signal is a critical factor for most networks. It is practically absent in Fiber Patch Cords. Safely, securely and complete information deliverability is only possible with high-quality Fiber Patch Cords.

Transferred Data Accuracy:

Technology is all about the accuracy of data. Engineers, scientists and researchers have heavily relied on the information shared with them. So even a minor data mistake can lead to a serious issue. That’s why the accuracy of transferred data is essential.

By using high-quality, global standard and high-performing fiber patch cords anyone can ensure that shared data is accurate. Caring for users’ data is on our priority list, so we focus on delivering the right product for specific tasks.

Security Factor:

One of the most important features of Fiber Patch Cords is that they provide excellent security. Compromising with security is also not a great idea especially if the shared information is confidential.

Today, businesses are more careful while choosing the networking and connectivity equipment and it is essential too. If we can secure our important data only by choosing the right products then we should definitely do this and it should be on our priority list.

AE Connect will let you secure your data transmission process successfully.

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Why Should You Choose Fiber Patch Cords From AE Connect?

AE Connect, a prominent connectivity and networking products manufacturer in India, is extensively using its expertise to deliver the best networking solutions to businesses. Building a networking infrastructure is the need of businesses that want to grow on a larger scale. Smooth operations in businesses need smooth connectivity and globally managed networking services.

With more than 15+ years of experience, AE Connect understands the need of businesses to help them in stabilizing their networking infrastructure. We have a wide range of products such as PoE Solutions, Fiber Solutions, Structured LAN Solutions, Networking Rack Cabinets and Networking Tools to fulfil all requirements of businesses whether they are small, medium or big. AE Connect ensures the reliability, scalability and security of networking and connectivity infrastructure by providing products that are accepted globally.

  • Fiber Patch Cords are one of the most important segments of Fiber Solutions from AE Connect. As we have vast experience in delivering the connectivity products of customers’ choice, we focus on the practical output of all products and the need for certain properties to withstand the products in critical situations. Fiber Patch Cords from AE Connect are made to deliver high-performance and withstand for a longer time in a fire emergency due to its excellent property, Low Smoke Halogen Cable.
  • Uncomplicated, robust and versatile our Fiber Patch Cords offer superior quality and performance. Our line of Fiber Patch Cords delivers a robust design to withstand the rigors of daily use in off-the-shelf, standard configurations and rapid, custom-tailored installations. 
  • Easier Installation: Deploy in dense cable trays with small-diameter cord options. Abridged Divergence Management: Easy-to-use duplex clips. 
  • AE Connect offers Better Quality: Exhaustive design validation as per standards. We offer fast delivery, off-the-shelf availability of standard items.
  • At the beginning of the journey of AE Connect, our customers had shared their experience of data transfer with Fiber Patch Cords and without cards. The Fiber Patch Cords of AE Connect always win the battle whether it is speed or safety of the data transmission process.
  • AE Connect Fiber Patch Cords/Pigtails are one of the most widely used basic components in optical communications. 

Fiber Patch Cords AE Connect Offer:

Single-Mode Patch Cord:

The single-mode patch cord AE-FPSM-SC-SC is a section of fiber optic cable with a length of 3.0 meters, terminated on both ends with SC/UPC connectors.
  • Model: AE-FPSM
  • Length: 3,5 meter ( Any customize length available )
  • Channels : : Simplex / Duplex
  • Precision : : Single-Mode / Multi-Mode

Multimode Duplex Fiber Patch Cord:

The Multimode Duplex Fiber Patch Code offers a superior solution. Boasting almost limitless bandwidth, it provides technology support you can count on well into the future. Designed to deliver high-speed transmissions for advanced data applications terminated on both ends with SC/UPC.
Multimode Duplex Fiber Patch Cord
  • Model: AE-FPMM
  • Length: 3,5 meters ( Any Customize length available )
  • Channels : : Simplex / Duplex
  • Precision : : Single-Mode / Multi-Mode

AE Connect is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality Connectivity and Networking Products. We have been able to build our credibility over the last 15 years with our best-in-class high performing products. Our infrastructure is equipped with advanced machines and appliances to deliver the networking products of the customer’s choice.

We work as a Digital Transformation Partner for all our clients. Along with our smart networking and connectivity products, there are a few other benefits of partnering with AE Connect such as all our products are customized to work in Indian conditions, massive power budget & superior performance of products, and 3 years warranty & extended warranty support.

Our Networking Solutions Include:
– PoE+ Solutions
– Fiber Solutions
– Structure LAN Solutions
– Networking Rack Cabinets
– Networking Tools

For further details related to AE Connect Product Range, click here to contact us.

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