Understand, How Optical Fiber Cables Are Powering the Internet World?


Optical Fiber Cables Visualize spending a day without wired or wireless connectivity. No Wi-Fi access on your devices; no wireless access points providing connectivity to cameras, screens or other devices in your building; no email or chat functions for communication.

Wireless and Mobile Connectivity have evolved to be fundamental utilities in today’s world, equally important in our daily lives as electricity and gas. Increasingly, downtime isn’t an option as connectivity is so important to our life

Going forward, connectivity requirements will only increase and as they do, new capabilities and infrastructure will be needed. For this reason, more fiber optic cable is being implemented to support our world’s bandwidth-intensive technologies. 

Infrastructure transformation will impact many industries including stadiums and entertainment venues, broadcast environments and data centers. In these verticals, applications are deploying fiber more than ever before to ensure reliable, always-on wired and wireless connectivity.

Human life revolves around technology. From the invention of fire to the wheel to aeroplanes to space jets, innovation is in our genes. We’re constantly heading towards developing technologies that were beyond our imagination, reach and even dreams.

Today, technological solutions are part of our daily life. The invention of the Internet, mobile phones, social media channels, shopping platforms, payment channels etc., all play a crucial role in our modern life. We can shop anything, transfer money and talk to anyone with just one click. So, we can say that life is at our fingertips.

Due to advancements in technology, research and development, businesses are becoming more capable of solving complex problems quickly. No matter which business operation is being carried out, technology will always be there to support it whether directly or indirectly. The Internet is a boon for human civilization. With the help of the internet, people, who were unable to connect with their loved ones, due to certain limitations, can connect and discuss anything, anytime and anywhere in the world.

In other words, the Internet has transformed our lifestyle. Yes, there are certain challenges due to the internet but the overall impact of the internet on human beings is awesome. The holistic impact of this technology is beautiful as it is the solution to many problems occurring in processes such as remote work, long-distance meetings and other business operations that are now possible with the existence of the Internet.

Life is incomplete without the Internet and the Internet is incomplete without optical fiber cables. So, life is indirectly connected through optical fiber cables. Optical Fiber Cables are the backbone of the Internet because they connect systems perfectly to provide an excellent networking experience.

What Is Optical Fiber?

An optical fiber is a transparent, flexible fiber made by drawing glass (silica) or plastic to a diameter slightly thicker than that of a human hair. Instead of using electrical cables, optical fibers are preferably used to transmit light between two ends of fiber in fiber optic communications.

How Does Optical Fiber Cables Work?

Optical Fiber Cables permit the transmission over longer distances and at higher data transfer rates. There are certain characteristics that make optical fiber cable special, such as less signal loss, immune to electromagnetic interference. 

Optical fiber cables typically includes a core surrounded by a transparent cladding material with a lower refractive index. By the phenomenon of total internal reflection, light is kept in the core, which causes the fiber to act as a waveguide.

Optical fiber cables that support many propagation paths are multi-mode fibers and those that support single paths are single-mode fibers. Multi-mode fibers have a wider core diameter and are used for shorter distances. Single-mode fibers are used for long distances.

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Advantages Of Using Optical Fiber Cables:

Optical fiber cables are an essential part of connectivity and networking infrastructure and have numerous benefits as below:

  1. Faster Internet Speeds: Faster internet speeds can speed up various business operations. Uninterruptible business communication, workflow distribution and hassle-free invoicing can only be possible with better internet connectivity. Faster network speed means more work in a certain period of time than on slow network speed. Optical fiber cables can improve our quality of experience of using the internet. 
  2. Have Wider Coverage: For a wider network coverage, optical fiber cables are the best choice. Fiber optics technology allows us to provide network access at unreachable locations. Hard to reach locations always come up with new challenges for networking sectors. Data transmissions over the long-distance at a faster speed is only possible with Optical Fiber Cables.
  3. Greater & Better Bandwidth: Excellent data transfer rate allows us to transmit more data through Optical Fiber Cables of the same diameter. By using optical fiber cables, we can improve the efficiency of the networking infrastructure.
  4. Lower Cost of Ownership: Reducing the overall cost of business operations is an added advantage for enterprises. They give additional benefits in saving money and energy at the same time. Over a period of time investment in optical fiber cable can yield better outcomes in terms of lower operational and maintenance costs.
  5. Flexibility & Versatility: The adaptability of optical fiber cables is excellent. These fiber cables can be used for various purposes. The flexibility of Optical Fiber Cables comes with ease.
  6. Reliability: Reliability of the optical fiber cables is another plus point and one of the most popular reasons to choose them for networking infrastructure.

Most Important Applications of Optical Fiber Cables

Optical fiber cables are popularly known for security, speed and affordability. Not only in the internet world, but these cables also have an important place in our life by supporting other important sectors such as medical, transportation, networking, mechanical, space and entertainment.


As now the Internet plays a crucial role in our daily routine, optical fiber cables have become part of our life, indirectly. These cables allow us to transmit large amounts of data at very high speeds and are widely used in internet cables. Fiber optic cables are lighter, less bulky, flexible and carry more data. 

Computer Networking

Strong connections between computers in a single building or across nearby structures are made easier and faster by using optical fiber cables. Optical fibers decrease data transfer time in an unimaginable way.

Surgery and Dentistry

Medical and research are the most popular sectors where the contribution of optical fiber cables is significant. Optical communication is an important part of non-intrusive surgical methods, popularly known as endoscopy. In endoscopy, a bright light is used to light up the surgery area within the body, making it possible to reduce the number and size of incisions made. Optical fiber cables are also used in microscopy and biomedical research.

Automotive Industry

In the lighting and safety features of present-day automobiles, optical fiber cable play an important role. For both the interior and exterior lighting of vehicles optical fiber cable are used. Optical fiber cables can conserve space and provide superior lighting that increases their demand day by day. Optical fiber cable are capable of transmitting signals between different parts of the vehicle at lightning speed. These great qualities of optical fiber cable make them invaluable in the use of safety applications such as traction control and airbags.


One of the biggest advantages is that telephone calling within or outside the country is now easier than before by using optical fiber cable. Optical Fiber Cable are making our life easier with a faster connection and clear conversations without any lag on either side.

Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical inspection processes are an essential part of testing mechanical equipment that is necessary to make our lives safer and better. In all transportation mediums, mechanical systems are used. For the safety of humans, no one can compromise on the testing part. In the inspection of hard-to-reach places, only optical fiber cable can be used. 

Cable Television

In the transmission of cable signals, the use of optical fiber cable has been growing exponentially over recent years. Due to greater bandwidth and speed, these cables are ideal solutions for transmitting signals for HD televisions. As compared to the copper wire of the same quantity, optical fiber cable are cheaper.

Military and Space Applications

A significant role optical fiber cable are playing in Military and Space Applications. A high level of data security is required in military and aerospace applications and optical fiber cable offer a great solution for data transmission in these areas. The speed of optical fiber cable is an added advantage for Military and Space Applications.

Types of Optical Fiber Cables AE Connect offers:

Single Mode Fiber Cable (AE-6CF-FRP-SM):

It is an outdoor optic fiber cable with metal strength member of central loose tube jelly-filled structure with polyethylene laminated sheath, consisting of the central loose tube wire member and PE outer sheath.

Optical Fiber Cable


  • Type: outdoor fiber optic cable
  • Core : 6,12,24
  • Colour : black
  • Loose tube : PBT
  • Jacket : PE


Single Mode Fiber Cable (AE-6CF-AR-SM):

It is an outdoor optic fiber cable with metal strength member of central loose tube jelly-filled structure with corrugated steel-polyethylene laminated sheath, consisting of the central loose tube, two paralleled steel wire members and PE outer sheath

Optical Fiber Cable


  • Type: outdoor fiber optic cable
  • Core: 6,12,24
  • Colour: black
  • Loose Tube: PBT
  • Jacket: PE

Reasons to choose Optical Fiber Cables from AE Connect:

AE Connect has extensive experience in delivering connectivity and networking products to global clients from various industries. We are dedicated to fulfilling the needs of businesses at their comfort level. High-quality, security and affordability is our promise.

Get a memorable data transmission experience with Optical Fiber Cables from AE Connect. Improve your networking life through effective and efficient Optical Fiber Cables.

What Does AE Connect Offer Through Efficient Optical Fiber Cables?

1. Very high bandwidth levels support: Get more bandwidth to carry more data than copper cables of the same diameter.

2. Fiber is secure: Optical Fiber Cables don’t emit signals that’s why these cables are perfectly secured.

3. Fiber is immune to EMI: Optical Fiber Cables are immune to electro-magnetic Induction.

AE Connect is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality Connectivity and Networking Products. We have been able to build our credibility over the last 15 years with our best-in-class high performing products. Our infrastructure is equipped with advanced machines and appliances to deliver the networking products of the customer’s choice.

We work as a Digital Transformation Partner for all our clients. Along with our smart networking and connectivity products, there are a few other benefits of partnering with AE Connect such as all our products are customized to work in Indian conditions, massive power budget & superior performance of products, and 3 years warranty & extended warranty support.

Our Networking Solutions Include:
– PoE+ Solutions
– Fiber Solutions
– Structure LAN Solutions
– Networking Rack Cabinets
– Networking Tools

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