What are the benefits of using Ring Topology In Networking?

Ring Topology

What is Ring Topology?

Ring Topology is a network configuration, where a circular data path is created between connected devices. Each networked device is connected to two other devices, suppose we symbolise one network device with a node on the circle then one node will be connected to two other nodes on the same circle. Combining all these devices in a ring form a ring network.

Packets of data travel from one device to the next until they reach their destination, in-ring network. Transfer of packets can be different in the different types of ring topology, it can be unidirectional or bidirectional. Ring Topologies are useful for both LANs (Local Area Networks) and WANs (Wide Area Networks). Initially, the ring topology was mainly used in smaller buildings, schools and offices, especially where networks were smaller. However, today the network topologies are popular in the networking world even at a larger scale for improved stability, performance and support.

To send and prevent data loss, a large number of repeaters are used in Ring Topology with a good number of nodes. Connected devices in a ring topology are mentioned as a hoop network. All these connected devices are arranged as a daisy chain. A daisy chain is a wiring scheme in which multiple devices are connected together in a ring or sequence similar to a garland of daisy flowers. This chain can be used for power, analogue signals, digital data, or a combination of them.

Ring Topologies have contributed incredibly to robust, rugged security and surveillance networks that require automatic failover for mission-critical applications. Combining Ring Topology with Industrial PoE+ Switches that are used for high-speed data, video and audio transmission at a gigabit-speed provides ultimate reliability even in harsh conditions. The use of Ring Topologies with Industrial PoE+ Switches for IP security to meet the demands for higher quality images is a new trend for cities and public safety organisations, to deliver enhanced network accessibility, scalability and cost-effective solutions.

Ring Topology

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What are the advantages of using Ring Topology?

By using Ring Topology, all devices can be connected in a network as a daisy chain, data travels from one device to the next until it reaches its destination and finally back to the operations centre. Less trenching and cabling are required in Ring Topologies than alternative Star Topologies and these are simpler and cost-effective to implement. When combined with Industrial PoE+ Switches, a resilient ring topology can recover network transmission within 15 to 30 milliseconds – a superfast blazing speed, without missing even a single frame of video feed. Some important advantages of using Ring Technology are explained below:

  • Ring Topology reduces the chance of packet collisions
  • Flexibility to add additional workstations without impacting the performance of the network
  • Full and equal access to resources to all the connected equipment
  • No need for a server to control the connectivity among the nodes
  • Cost-effectiveness is another added advantage of using Ring Topology
  • Ensure high-speed data transmission with ease
  • Improve performance even under heavy traffic
  • Easy to use and manageability
  • A well-organised networking infrastructure

Disadvantages of Ring Topology in Computer Network and Networking:

The major disadvantage of using traditional ring topologies was that if the ring fails then the entire network was affected resulting in the loss of all video feeds from multiple cameras in a network at once. To overcome this issue, networking experts have developed proprietary ring topologies to improve resiliency and failover time by enabling data to travel in two directions around the ring, as discussed above, it is also called bidirectional data transmission. There are a few other disadvantages of Ring Topology as discussed below:

  • In Uni-directional Ring Topology, a data bracket must have to pass through all nodes
  • Sudden shutdown of one workstation may affect the whole network
  • Slower in performance when compared to the Bus Topology
  • During a network, the addition or removal of nodes may cause issues and is difficult
  • It is difficult to troubleshoot the ring
  • All computers must be turned on for communication between computers
  • Dependency of whole structure on a single cable
  • Scalability can be the biggest challenge in Ring Topology

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Applications of Ring Topology:

Knowing about the effective utilisation of existing networking infrastructure is essential to utilise its full potential. Understanding Ring Topology helps us to attain the best networking experience with high-speed data transmission. Some of the most popular applications where Ring Topologies are powering the networking systems are discussed below:

  • In schools and colleges where generally data flow is unidirectional and there are fewer chances of data collision
  • In high-speed data transmission between buildings
  • Used in Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN)
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems also use Ring Topologies for better performance

Ring Topology

Networking solutions offered by AE Connect that will allow you to plan your suitable, efficient and secure Ring Topology:

Today, delivering power and data over a single cable has now become necessary almost in all types of networking infrastructures. The ever-growing demand for PoE+ Switches is triggered by their excellent advantage of delivering high performing networking experience along with power. High-quality PoE+ switches from AE Connect are used to power devices such as Wireless Access Points (WAPs),  IP Cameras and VoIP Phones etc. Our PoE+ Switches are also useful to reduce power consumption and increase the efficiency of the networking systems.

An exhaustive range of Commercial and Industrial PoE+ Switches is available that boast a variety of port-count, up to gigabit speed, mounting and fiber. Our PoE+ Switches deliver power from 15 Watt to 30 Watt per port, which delivers super-fast data transmission while powering devices over long distances. As human life is becoming more dependent on Internet Devices and especially industries, offices and homes are today mainly driven by equipment and tools that are powering the world by allowing them to access the virtual world through the internet, the popularity of PoE+ Switches will definitely be at an advanced level in future.

  • Industrial PoE+ Switches:

Understanding the Industrial Needs is what we are expert in, operating in extreme temperature conditions, vibrations, shocks and other harsh conditions that pressurise the brain tissues of networking experts to think twice while planning about setting up networking infrastructure for industries. This is where Industrial PoE+ Switches come into play and help networking experts to find the suitable equipment for the networking needs of a particular Industry.

Industrial PoE+ Switches offered by AE Connect are specially designed to survive extreme temperature conditions from -40°C to +85°C and harsh environments such as shock, vibration, noisy environment, extreme moisture etc. Our Industrial PoE+ Switches have an in-built Power over Ethernet Injector to supply power up to 100W Power over Ethernet (PoE) to standards-based 802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt compliant devices such as Wireless Access Points (WAPs), IP Cameras and VoIP Phones, in addition to network data. Our Industrial PoE+ Switches are also capable of detecting whether a device is PoE+ compatible or not and supply power automatically. By using Industrial PoE+ Switches from AE Connect, the additional cost can be saved, that businesses are investing heavily in the installation and maintenance of multiple pieces of equipment, additional electrical wires and outlets.

There are various industries where Industrial PoE+ Switches from AE Connect are widely used such as Outdoor Applications, Rail and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs), Industrial & Factory Automation, Marine, Oil & Gas and Mining etc.

Ring Topology

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