How to Choose Best Faceplate or LAN Wall Socket or Wall Plate?


“Faceplate” Smart Networking Infrastructure requires smart technologies to deliver the best networking experience. Today, smart technologies have become an integral part of the system of the world and are reshaping our corporate life, social life and personal life. Advancement in these technologies allows us to speed up all the processes in order to deliver better outputs. Better networking experience can only be achieved with high-quality, high-performing and reliable networking equipment which plays a crucial role for seamless network connectivity.

One of the important segments of any networking infrastructure is Networking Faceplate, also known as Wall Plates or LAN Wall Sockets, which are metal or plastic plates used for Cat5 cable, Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a ethernet cabling installation. Outlet Covers or Networking Wall Plates are specially used in new installations where concealed cabling is required to keep and organise network cables properly. For the networking infrastructure of commercial or residential buildings, faceplate from AE Connect are an ideal choice.

Networking Wall Plates are fixed on a wall or where required and the keystone jack is fixed in the hole so that the networking modular jack is exposed outside to attach the patch cord of computers. Inside of Networking Wall Plates, the inner part of the keystone jack lies that connects to the longer network cable. As a great input and output tool, choosing the right wall plates is necessary and it mainly depends on the application, the number of gangs and the number of switch openings.

Why Faceplates Are Essential & How To Add Them?

Networking faceplates or wall plates provide a secure ethernet connection and only require a small piece of cable from the computer to run on the front panel. To create an Ethernet socket by using the faceplate, pull the cable through the hole in the wall and use a cable stripper to remove the insulation of the cable, if it is a patch cable remove the connector first.

Different types of faceplate are available from 1-port to 6-port and more, which can also be in different colours depending on the suitability of locations. AE Connect provides an excellent design of network cable faceplate. To balance the increasing cost across many industries, we continue to provide networking equipment at competitive market prices. For the same reason, we’ve developed front panel designs that are easier and more cost-effective to manufacture and inventory.

Networking Wall plates are a simple but essential part of cable installation. All our latest faceplates provide enhanced functionality and their designs include the labelling of the ports that allow users to identify the characteristics of wall plates. Our Networking Faceplates are available in a number of configurations, with single, double and quad outlets for Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat6a network category inserts. Anyone can punch down BT telephone cables or network cables into a faceplate using a punch-down IDC tool without soldering. All our networking wall plates come with cable-identification labels and mounting screws.

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How to Locate the Network Cable Faceplates Properly?

As per the industry cabling standards, each location should be provided with a minimum of one work area outlet location. An outlet location is generally a Networking Faceplate that supports two or more networking modular outlets or connectors.

Each location should be supported by a minimum of two approved horizontal cables and two modular outlets/connectors. Therefore each outlet of connection must terminate one approved type of horizontal media.

Depending on the need, work area outlets can be placed in different locations for each area and the exact location is a function of the horizontal pathway connecting the area to the Telecom Room. Various types of locations are used to install the work area outlets as follows:

  • On the wall
  • On the floor
  • On a power pole
  • On the modular furniture

Types of Faceplates Offered by AE Connect:

A range of Networking Wall Plates are available in registered jack 45 (RJ45) interface types and local area network (LAN) categories including CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6 or CAT6A. All these faceplate work with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) shield types which are the most common types used in today’s networking systems.

1.    AE-FPM-SLX Wall Plate

Front access Both UTP & RJ-11 keystone can be used to terminate in Face Plate ports

Easy identification labels for RJ45/RJ11 ports

Designed to ensure the highest performance considering durability, style

Easy nameplate option

Single Modular Face Plate

  • Model: AE-FPM-SLX
  • Single Modular Face Plate
  • Standard 86 type
  • Colour: White
  • Type: Single

2.    AE-FPM-DLX Wall Plate

Front access Both UTP & RJ-11 keystone can be used to terminate in Face Plate ports

Easy identification labels for RJ45/RJ11 ports

Designed to ensure the highest performance considering durability, style

Easy nameplate option

Dual Modular Face Plate

  • Model: AE-FPM-DLX
  • Dual Modular Face Plate
  • Standard 86 type
  • Colour: White
  • Type: Dual

3.    AE-FPM-QUAD Wall Plate

Front access Both UTP & RJ-11 keystone can be used to terminate in Face Plate ports

Easy identifications labels for RJ45/RJ11 ports

Designed to ensure the highest performance considering durability, style

Easy nameplate option

Quad Modular Face Plate

  • Model: AE-FPM-QUAD
  • Quad Modular Face Plate
  • Standard 86 type
  • Colour: White
  • Type : Quad(4)

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Benefits of Using Faceplates from AE Connect:

AE Connect focuses on providing the best-in-class networking products to ensure high-speed network transmission. We offer three types of networking faceplates single modular, double modular and quad modular faceplates, which come with easy-to-install Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A Keystone Jacks. The outer panel is equipped with a permanent dustproof cover. A replaceable label window is available on the top of the wall plate. To avoid fixed screw holes being exposed, a beautiful front and rear double panel design are provided. ABS material has a strong anti-UV ability and a clean professional look making it the perfect combination of durability and excellent features. By partnering with AE Connect you can get some additional advantages as mentioned below:

  • Made In India:

Dream of being a completely independent country always inspires us that’s why we are focusing on empowering the Atmanirbhar Bharat campaign of India by designing and developing all our networking and connectivity products in India. By purchasing products from AE Connect you can also contribute to strengthening the economy of India.

  • Our Products Are Customised To Work In Indian Conditions:

Most of the Indian users were facing some major issues while using other imported products and all these issues were mainly related to the suitability of the product for Indian conditions. AE Connect products are designed and developed taking care of all these major issues. After using all our networking products you’ll never face any issue regarding suitability to Indian conditions.

  • Superior Performance:

Best-in-class, high-quality products always deliver superior performance. From designing to manufacturing our team of experts analyses every aspect of the products. Ensure the excellent performance of your networking infrastructure by using networking products from AE Connect.

  • Smart Networking & Connectivity Products:

All our products are future-ready and meet the expectations of all our partners. Through our extensive experience in the networking sector, we are aware of the needs of our partners. Level up your networking systems with next-generation smart networking and connectivity products from AE Connect.

  • Your Digital Transformation Partner:

Transform your networking systems by upgrading them with world-class networking products. AE Connect is here to cater for all your networking needs through the products that suit your requirements.

Excellent warranty support from AE Connect will eliminate all your worries in case of some major issues that occur accidentally or without your intervention. For more details read our complete document of Warranty and Safety Guidelines.

Our Networking Solutions Include:
– PoE+ Solutions
– Fiber Solutions
– Structure LAN Solutions
– Networking Rack Cabinets
– Networking Tools

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