How do we deliver Trustworthy Networking Solutions?


The Internet is an ocean of information. This information is useful and makes life easier for everyone in many ways such as by providing a solution to a problem, sharing remedies for one disease or sharing a few tech tips to resolve any technical issue in a device. The Internet is now an integral part of our daily life, not only personal but also at the corporate level Internet is powering the business operations and delivering the most productive outputs.

However, do you know? Various data centres are established by internet companies to store, receive and transmit all the useful information. Data centres are designed with best-in-class hardware, software and networking solutions to deliver the best networking and connectivity experience. Seamless connectivity is the biggest need for networking systems of data centres.

Failure of even single networking equipment can cause important data loss which may result in a capital loss for many companies. In other words, we can say failures of networking equipment are unacceptable at data centres. We are aware of the need for data centres. Our team of experts analyse the real-life networking needs of large-scale data centres to deliver reliable networking solutions that are trustworthy and meet the high-level demands of data centres.

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High-Bandwidth Rate:

Data centres require millions of bits of data transmission every single day. Networking solutions such as Fiber Optic Cables, Cat6/6A Cables, PoE Switches, Keystone Modules and RJ45 Connectors, must be able to transmit data with a high-bandwidth rate to support the need of data centres. A high bandwidth rate support system can only sustain the daily needs of high-demanding data centres.


High-performing networking systems have always been in demand to ensure the best connectivity experience. People are busy with various types of entertainment from movies to gaming and all these things are directly or indirectly connected to data centres. Uninterrupted connectivity is on the priority list of internet companies so that no one would face a bad networking experience. AE Connect not only provides networking products for connectivity but also networking solutions to handle and manage hardware and connectivity cables in data centres such as high-performing Network Racks and Cat6/6A Patch Panels.


As reliable networking products strengthen the trust of customers, we focus on delivering products that are manufactured with high-grade raw materials to ensure the sustainability of networking infrastructure. Well-finished metal design and use of durable Polyethylene, increase the life span of all our products. Next-generation hardware meets and exceeds the expectation of our clients. Performance, networking speed and robust power budget share the story of the reliability of our products.

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Data centres need high-performing and highly reliable networking products that can sustain the high speed and high power needs. We focus on delivering the products of customer’s choice that can power any networking device through greater data transmission speed and has a good power budget. In future, we are planning to add more technological innovations and expand our product range especially to complete the requirements of data centres.

We have a complete range of networking solutions from PoE+ Solutions to Fiber Solutions to Networking Tools to cater for the networking needs of India. Better quality assurance, Made In India products and saved international shipping costs are a few greater benefits that are levelling up the networking experience of our customers. Full transparency, customizable solutions and quick turnaround time are a few excellent advantages of partnering with AE Connect.

Our PoE+ Switches, Fiber Optic Cables, Keystone Jacks & Modules, Cat6/6A Cables, Fiber Switches, Patch Panels, and LTPoE++ Injectors are powering the networking devices of various industries from the IP surveillance industry to data transmission industries. All our products are capable of high-speed data transmission. When it comes to delivering power and data through the same cable our PoE+ Switches come to the rescue. In the same way, we are trying to address the maximum possible challenges in the networking and connectivity sector.

We have also started providing extended warranty support on selected products and planning to extend this offer to various other products. Our Excellent Warranty Support is to improve the networking experience of all our product users. Ensuring our partner’s trust in our products is the only goal we focus on. By addressing their problems we are not only growing as a company but also as a family, a family of trust, commitment and dedication to eliminate the networking challenges of India, a family of AE Connect.

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