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The way cables are attached to the system during fiber optic cable installation is crucial to the network’s performance. If done correctly, optical signals travel over the link with negligible return loss and low attenuation. The 99% of single-mode applications that employ optical fiber can be joined in the best possible way with a fiber optic pigtail.

AE Connect manufactures fiber optic pigtail which allows flawless access to the internet. This article provides some fundamental information on fiber optic pigtails, such as the many types of connectors, categories, and splicing techniques.

A fiber optic pigtail is a fiber optic cable that has one end terminated with a connector and the other end unterminated. As a result, the connector side can be connected to machinery while the other side is melted via optical fiber cables. Utilizing fusion or mechanical splicing, fiber optic pigtails are used to terminate fiber optic cables. High-quality pigtail cables and proper fusion splicing techniques offer the highest performance for fiber optic cable terminations. Fiber optic management tools like ODF, fiber terminal boxes and distribution boxes frequently contain fiber optic pigtails.

A fiber optic pigtail consists of an unterminated fiber attached to one end of a single, short, and typically tightly buffered fiber optic cable that has a connector that was pre-installed at the factory. Our fiber optic pigtails are used to terminate fiber optic cables using mechanical or fusion splicing. The pigtail’s end is cut off, and either a single fiber or a group of fibers is fused to it to form the trunk. The multi-fiber cable is “broken out” into its component fibers for connection to the end equipment by splicing pigtails to each fiber in the trunk. The greatest results for fiber optic cable termination come from using high-quality fiber pigtails and proper fusion splicing techniques. AE Connect provides fiber optic pigtails of the highest quality to form an important component of the internet infrastructure. Fusion splicer equipment is frequently used by installers who work with single-mode fiber. With a fusion splicer, you can quickly splice the pigtail onto the fiber line. The factory, which has a regulated atmosphere, uses top-notch polishing equipment to create factory-terminated pigtails. Low insertion loss and high return loss are promised by the factory (low reflection). Factory-tested insertion loss and return loss are marked on each pigtail. A serial number that can be linked to the factory measurements is also included.

What Is A Fiber Optic Pigtail?

Fiber optic pigtails are ends of fiber cables having fiber optic connectors only on either side, leaving the other side of the cable without connectors. This allows the connector side to be from the equipment and the other section to be fused with optical cable fibers. A fiber optic cable with a factory-installed connector on one end is known as a pigtail. As a result, the side with the connector attached can be connected to various pieces of equipment, while the other side can be fused with optical fiber cables. Pigtail termination for fiber optic cables is accomplished by mechanical splicing or fusion. AE Connect high-quality pigtail cables are used along with proper fusion splicing procedures to achieve the highest performance possible. In fiber optics management, equipment including distribution boxes, fiber terminal boxes, and ODF, pigtails are frequently found. In comparison to field-terminated cables, AE Connect fiber pigtails often have better-quality connector ends because they are attached in the factory.

What Is The Difference Between Fiber Patch Cord And Fiber Pigtail?

Only one end of a fiber optic pigtail has a fiber connector placed; the other end is left unfilled. While fiber optic connectors are used to join a fiber patch cord’s two ends. AE Connect fiber optic pigtails would allow the creation of a LAN leading to faster internet access. While fiber pigtail cables are typically spliced and protected in a fiber splice tray, patch cord fibers are typically jacketed, whereas they are typically unjacketed. Fiber patch cables can also be divided into two pieces and used to create two pigtails. Some installers prefer to evaluate the performance of a fiber patch wire before cutting it in half to create two fiber pigtails in order to avoid the issue of testing pigtail cables in the field. It is possible to split a patch cord in half to create two fiber pigtails, however, some installers prefer to use a patch cord since it is simpler to assess the operation of a fiber patch than pigtail cables in the field.

In essence, AE Connect fiber optic pigtails are used to splice with the fiber so that they can be attached to the equipment or patch panel. Additionally, they offer a workable and trustworthy option for simpler fiber termination, which drastically reduces operational time and labour costs. Due to the connectorized end being attached in the factory, fiber pigtails often have higher quality standards than field-terminated cables. Fusion or mechanical splicing can be used to join it to optical fibers. If you have access to a fusion splicer, you can quickly splice our pigtail onto the cable, considerably reducing the amount of time and money required for field termination. Light can travel from one fiber to the other thanks to the temporary or permanent joint used in mechanical fiber optic pigtail splicing, which accurately joins a fiber optic pigtail and fiber optic cable. Always order a few extra feet of fiber pigtail assembly than you anticipate needing.


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