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Faceplate In today’s world, electricity is one of the most fundamental aspects of our daily lives. Even in households, electricity is utilized for numerous things, including cooking, boiling water, running fans and lights, turning on refrigerators and air conditioners, powering laptops and smartphones, and more such things. As reliant as we are on electricity and its advantages, it is crucial to keep in mind that, if not handled carefully, electricity can create a serious risk to costly appliances and even result in serious physical harm. Unprotected or exposed wiring can reveal electrical risks that might result in fires or tragic incidents like electrical shocks and burns. Certain safeguards and remedies must be used to reduce these hazards.

Many people, including those who are not very technically proficient, have probably seen a basic networking faceplate before. In workplaces, you might have noticed a cabling outlet mounted on the wall for connecting computers to a network. That is, in fact, a faceplate. Have you ever given any thought to the faceplates that you use in your commercial and residential places? Of course, most of us will say no. When you have bigger things to do, who would give a thought to such a little thing? However, this small device that you use daily in your routine life for connecting multiple devices to it, reconnecting and disconnecting them, has a significant role in networking.

A perforated plate installed on the live spindle, to which the work is attached, is referred to as a faceplate. The primary purpose of faceplates is to act as an entry gate for networking different cables and wires into the wall. It is a fundamental component of every permanent networking installation and is also known as the wall plate. The wall plates are frequently just used to hide the unsightly tangle of wires from view.  However,  on the other hand, wall plates/faceplates also make places safer by keeping wiring unexposed and out of the reach of people.

The faceplate has the ability to disconnect and reconnect systems easily, as well as it even shields delicate cables and cords from moisture, dust and any other type of harm, which is the main benefit of employing a faceplate. As the networking faceplate or wall plate provides a secure ethernet connection, it doesn’t mean that it is a complex process. It only requires a small piece of cable from the computer or any other equipment you are using to run on the front panel. How many devices can be connected to an electrical outlet or faceplate depends on the number of openings it has in it. Usually, faceplates come with one to four openings. The faceplates from AE Connect are flame retardant and are crafted from Flame Retardancy ABS UL94V material that plays a role in the sturdiness of the faceplates too.

Imagine and dive into a scenario where you have just reached the office and you have a lot of work to do, starting with the main one and then others. You fixed your computer connection in a faceplate, started the work and while working, you smell an odour of something burning. That can be the faceplate you see just beneath, mounted on the wall. Yes, the faceplates when employed during an overload of power, can fume and cannot do their jobs of protecting the cabling at the data interface. To avoid such a case, the right faceplate should be utilised. You simply cannot overlook wall plates as safety features in your place. There are a lot of faceplates in the market today that serve only to provide power and put aside the main purpose of protecting cables from damage. As the leading manufacturer of networking devices, AE Connect focuses on providing the best-in-class networking products and offers three types of different networking faceplates. These faceplates from AE Connect are designed to deliver the best performance while taking durability and style into account, ensuring a stronger connection. Let’s get to know more about the robustness of these faceplates.


The AE-FPM-SLX faceplate from AE Connect is designed to ensure the highest performance, considering durability and also the style and gives access to both UTP and RJ-11 keystones to be operated in its ports. It even comes with easy identification labels for RJ45/RJ11 ports. Check out the following excellent features of this product.

– Single Modular Face Plate

– Material: Flame Retardancy ABS UL94V

– Standard 86 type

– Connection Port: One

– Colour: White



In addition to meeting technical requirements and providing smooth functionality, the AE-FPM-DLX faceplate from AE Connect meets aesthetic requirements as well. It comes with two openings so that you can connect and operate two devices at a time and it also permits the operation of UTP as well as RJ-11 keystones in its ports.

– Dual Modular Face Plate

– Material: Flame Retardancy ABS UL94V

– Standard 86 type

– Connection Ports: Two

– Colour: White



The AE-FPM-QUARD is one of the innovative faceplates designed and manufactured by AE Connect, which strikes a perfect balance between user convenience and unmatched quality,

allowing both UTP and RJ-11 keystones to be used in its ports.

This four-port faceplate is specifically designed to meet multifunctional requirements, allowing four devices to be operated at the same time.

– Quard Modular Face Plate

– Material: Flame Retardancy ABS UL94V

– Standard 86 type

– Connection Ports: Four

– Colour: White

Depending on the requirements of your networking connections, you can choose from Singular, Dual and Quard Faceplates from AE Connect and ensure that there is no fear of electrical insecurity and no damage to cabling. When making faceplates, precise dimensions and measurements are also necessary, as inaccuracies can result in a loose-fitting faceplate. In order to be sure that no defective piece of equipment is supplied, we at AE Connect pay close attention to each step of the manufacturing process of every networking product we make. For any networking problem you are facing, AE Connect has a high-performing solution.

AE Connect is one of India’s leading manufacturers of high-quality Connectivity and Networking Products. We have been able to build our credibility over the last 15 years with our best-in-class high-performing products. Our infrastructure is equipped with advanced machines and appliances to deliver the networking products of the customer’s choice.

We work as a Digital Transformation Partner for all our clients. Along with our smart networking and connectivity products, there are a few other benefits of partnering with AE Connect such as all our products are customised to work in Indian conditions, a massive power budget & superior performance of products, and 3 years warranty & extended warranty support.

Our Networking Solutions Include:

– PoE+ Solutions

– Fiber Solutions

– Structure LAN Solutions

– Networking Rack Cabinets

– Networking Tools

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