Supercharge Your Network Capability with Cat 6 Cable from AE Connect

Cat 6 Cable

For the connectivity system at your home or office, reliable internet is extremely important nowadays. An upgraded Category 6 Ethernet cable can make a remarkable difference with its capacity to boost data transmission at a peak speed while also providing high performance. Our Cat 6 cable can offer data transfer at blazing speed, eliminating issues like lagging video calls or exceedingly slow file transfers.
Hence, for households or organizations looking to upgrade the network system within their home or office, this Category 6 cabling solution from AE Connect can be highly future-proof to meet the evolving demands of performance and productivity. As one of the top Cat 6 cable brands, our networking products are very effective in fulfilling the demands of power-hungry devices. So, in this blog, we will explore the uses, features, and benefits.

What Are Cat 6 Cables, and How Are They Constructed?

These are Ethernet data cables, or LANs, used in a physical setting for computer networks to reach a GB or 1000 Mbps of data transfer without any lags. It is commonly known as networks in layman’s language. Because of the Cat 6 cable speed, it has become the top choice among business entities.
Their design or construction consists of four twisted pair sheathed and insulated copper wire cables, enabling a higher bandwidth capacity for quick data transmission of large files in an office environment.
What makes AE Connect’s Cat 6 cable stand out from others is its highest-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, you can stream HD videos, transfer large files, and browse the web without any interruptions or lags.

What Are the Cat 6 Cable Uses or Applications?

When it comes to its application, you can use it at your home or office, ensuring robust networks. Using the cabling systems, you can connect your PCs and other devices to a server, router, or network switch, enabling files and the internet (or accessing the internet using it) to be shared at a faster speed. The most important Cat 6 cable specification is its ability to connect devices such as IP cameras, network printers, IoT smart home devices, smart TVs, and game consoles for a multimedia streaming experience.

What Are the Different Types of Cat 6 Cable?

There are two types of twisted pair Category 6 cable: shielded twisted pair (STP), and unshielded twisted pair (UTP). Further, SFTP, which stands for Shielded and Foiled Twisted Pair, is an extended and advanced version of STP.
As a distinction between the two, UTP features four twisted pairs of copper wires within robust insulation, while STP comes with metallic shielding, ensuring protection from electromagnetic interference.

The Types of Cat 6 Cables that AE Connect Offers

Unlike other companies that provide standard cabling solutions, the unique thing about AE Connect is that we produce two distinct types of cables with diverse specifications.: AE-C6-BCDI-UTP-GREY, and AE-C6-BCEB-SFTP-GREY (advanced version of STP). Furthermore, armoured AE-C6-BCEB-UTP-AR-BLACK is a sub-type of UTP Category 6 cable, that is a result of the cutting-edge technology we excel in. We will discuss each Cat 6 cable specification in the following ways:


This model comes with an unshielded, twisted pair (UTP) Category 6 Ethernet cable highly applicable for high-speed data transmission. Its four twisted pairs of copper wires deliver enhanced performance across the full Cat 6 frequency range up to 250 MHz which is highly suitable for gigabit Ethernet network connectivity. Following are some of its specifications:

  • The unterminated connectors are very helpful for customization, making the Cat 6 cable use more dynamic and user-friendly.
  • It comes with a packing length of 305-meter (1000ft) rolls, which you can deploy as per your needs, fulfilling network demands.
  • Its PVC jacket ensures durability and protection in indoor environments.

( Sub-Type of UTP Cat 6 Cable)

Best suited for outdoor installation, this model—a sub-type of the UTP Cat 6 model—gained significance because of its durability and strength. It can easily sustain threats from rodents and termites, as well as harsh climatic situations. This is because the cable has solid bare-annealed copper conductors, high-density polyethylene insulation, a double sheath with ECCS tape, and an outer PE jacket for enhanced protection. Moreover, the armoured Cat 6 cable speed is high enough to fulfill the demands of the business workload and performance.

  • The cable has four pairs of twisted wires with solid annealed, bare electrolytic-grade copper conductors.
  • It has a temperature rating of -40°C to +70°C and is capable of resisting UV radiation.
  • It has an inner sheath made of PVC, while the outer one is made of HDPE and is highly anti-rodent.


As for this model, it is an advanced version of STP Cat 6 Cable that consists of 4 pairs of 23 AWG annealed copper twisted pair conductors. These conductors come with the shielding of aluminum polyester foil. This model provides superior protection against electromagnetic interference and crosstalk even if the environment is not conducive and friendly.

  • FRPVC outer sheath protects the wire from external damage threats.
  • With the insulation PE solid central cross separator, the cable can maintain proper wiring geometry and minimize crosstalk between pairs.
  • 7.0±/-0.3mm in diameter, this model is slightly thicker than UTP cable because of its additional shielding property, but it does not pose any installation challenges.

How AE Connect’s Cabling Solution is the Top Choice: Cat 6 Cable Specification Makes the Difference

Our networking or communication products are the result of rigorous engineering privileged by cutting-edge technology. Not just Category 6 cables, but if you consider any other products, they are immensely future-proof against disruption in today’s technology. Because AE Connect is one of the Cat 6 cable brands that can help the business meet upcoming technological challenges in today’s high-demand scenario, we have evolved into the top choice among our clients. The following illustration of some specifications proves the above facts:

  • We produce cables that are certified to meet all industry standards for key parameters.
  • Another important aspect of the Cat 6 cable use case is its high customizability, making it the most dynamic product while also being robust for all types of businesses.
  • Above all else, our cabling solution is adaptable to deliver data transfer at a faster rate with consistency, meeting the demands of both home and enterprise networks. 


With the changing work dimension in enterprises, the need for future-proof connectivity systems is the need of the hour everywhere. On top of that, with remote work and online learning now common, network reliability and consistency with speed are crucial. Using Cat 6 cable you can greatly upscale your productivity and performance.
As time passes, the power-hungry devices will require top-notch network infrastructure. And without using the solutions provided by Category 6 cables, you are not going to stay ahead of the current dynamic market turbulence. Hence, the only solution is the connectivity infrastructure offered by AE Connect—the immediate incorporation of Cat 6 cable use. The sooner you embrace this cabling technology, the higher the volume of revenues your business will accrue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How does your Cat 6 cable ensure consistent high-speed performance?

Our cable comes with high engineering that provides full Cat 6 frequency reaching up to 250Mhz with immensely minimized cross-talks between pairs. This is because of proper geometry that enables lag-free 1Gbps speed for faster data transfer and high-definition video streaming capability.

Q2. Is your Cat 6 cable speed suitable for smart home applications?

Definitely! Designed especially for enterprise settings, it can easily satisfy the demands of smart home applications. With a 250Mhz frequency and 1Gbps data transmission rate, your home network infrastructure will experience superb technological upgrades. Our cabling system will boost network capacity for smart home tech, streaming media devices, home automation systems, and security cameras while handling multiple high-bandwidth devices simultaneously.

Q3. How future-proof is your Cat 6 cable as technology advances faster?

Using our cable means you are employing high-tech engineering solutions. The cable provides 1Gbps of speed with consistency for all modern applications and devices and it will suit the upcoming applications owing to the disruption in the market or out of emerging technologies. Not only that, our cables are backward compatible meaning you do not have to worry about the existing or previous applications you might already have.