Fiber LIU Revolution: Pioneering Excellence in Communication Infrastructure

Fiber LIU

New technologies have made it possible to use Fiber Light Interface Units (LIUs) to improve the resilience and robustness of communication networks or connections. Infrastructure management was formerly a difficult undertaking, but technological advancements in cable components, such as LIU, have made it easier and more user-friendly.
LIUs enable the transfer of light signals over thin fiber optic wires. Over the period, they have improved significantly and are used in many applications like telecommunications, FTTH, LAN/WAN, CATV, etc. Using Light Interface Units has made the network better and faster. The installation of fiber LIU resulted in faster data transmission.

What is a Fiber Light Interface Unit and How does AE Connect Excel in It?

Fiber LIU (Light Interface Unit) technology facilitates fiber optic cable solutions such as installation and routing. It is an essential component of today’s communication and network systems. AE Connect has extensive experience dealing with Indian clients and has become an expert in Fiber LIU, particularly in fiber or optical integration.
Our products have gained a reputation for being cutting-edge, functional, customizable, and cost-effective. We are well-known for our exceptional performance and superior services, and we have earned the clients’ trust. This is why so many customers pick AE Connect for their fiber-light interface unit requirements, and we specialize in it.

Fiber LIU Products Offered by AE Connect

We specialize in three important components essential for network infrastructure that rely on fiber optic technology. These are Rack Mount Drawer, Outdoor Fiber Distribution, and DIN – and RAIL LIU. Let’s discuss them one by one in the following manner:

Rack Mount Drawer

Made from top-notch metal, this high-quality rack mount kit features advanced technology and design. It lasts longer and functions efficiently while also remaining visually excellent. Perfect for terminating optical cables within the organization’s space, it has key parts for a complete solution.

AE-24FLIU Rack Mount Drawer

This unit stores and enables termination from the incoming fiber. Behind the adapters, extra fiber cords are secured in place by management rings. The rings keep the cords in the right shape and size.


  • It has a height of 44.4mm, a length of 480mm, and a breadth of 310mm.
  • Connections applicable are SC/FC/LC/ST.
  • This item weighs 3.4kg.

AE-24FLIU-ECO LIU drawer

This component acts as an interconnection for the layers above and inside the panel, similar to the middle layer in a machine, such as a rack mount kit. With this device, cross-connection and splicing are perfectly possible.


  • It has a height of 44.4mm.
  • And the component weighs 3.5kg.
  • The material used is cold-roll steel.


The AE-ODF-48/96 is a key component in the Rack Mount Drawer. It’s a distribution and sliding panel with 8 SC ports set up in a traditional two-layered frame. The rear slice area covers cable slack and protects the slice, while the front interconnect area is specifically for SC ports.


  • The item consists of the material PC+ABS.
  • And it holds a protection grade of IP65.
  • AE-ODF-48/96 has a dimension of 210*205*55 mm.

Outdoor Fiber Distribution

Essential for network connectivity while preserving cable performance, this tool facilitates incoming optical cables, splitting them for various destinations. The device includes three subparts for fiber optic termination, a splice tray, and exits for split cables comprising AE-FDB-8C-SC, AE-FDB-12C-SC, and AE-FDB-24C-SC, similar to the rack mount kit.


Designed for FTTH, telecommunications, and LAN networks, this equipment terminates the feeder cable to the drop cable. Its two-layered design integrates 8 SC ports with a rear splice area for cable slack and protection. The front section is dedicated to interconnection, featuring SC ports.


  • It consists of material PC+ABS.
  • The product holds a protection grade of IP65.
  • The component has a dimension of 210*205*55 mm.


Crafted from PC+ABS, AE-FDB-12C-SC is designed for optimal fiber optic cabling. With 12 SC ports, it seamlessly accomplishes splicing, patching, and passive component integration, contributing to LIU infrastructure. The rear splice area caters to cable slack and splice protection, while the front section facilitates interconnectivity with SC ports.


  • The product comes with a protection grade of IP65.
  • And it has dimensions of 234x206x64 mm.
  • It comes with waterproof capability.


Devised from durable PC+ABS, this compact tool enhances networking with advanced technology for superior fiber optic cabling solutions. It has 24 SC ports for uninterrupted connectivity, a rear splice area for cable slack and splice protection, and a front section facilitating easy interconnection, streamlining fiber optic termination.


  • It holds a protection grade of IP65.
  • It has dimensions of 330 x225 x90 mm.
  • It is water resistant as it has waterproof functionality.


Without DIN-RAIL LIU, networking for large businesses and enterprises would be difficult. Its mechanism helps in telecommunication, and its compact design allows easy mounting on cabinets of other DIN Mount devices for efficient fiber optic infrastructure. The splice tray ensures accurate fusion splicing. Suitable for substation automation networks, it supports various adapters (ST, SC, FC, LC) and is lightweight for easy installation.


  • The device has dimensions of 200*45*150 mm.
  • Its cable diameter is 5mm to 14mm.
  • The standard for the fiber components is Telecordia GR 409.

Highly Customizable Network Solutions

AE Connect Fiber LIU stands out for its exceptional configuration choice, allowing users to tailor it to their specific networking needs. Whether for large-scale businesses or industrial setups, the adaptability of AE Connect Fiber LIU ensures a customizable and seamless fit into diverse network architectures. You can perfectly configure our products to suit your requirements.

Some Important Highlights

  • Highly configurable Fiber LIU for versatile networking solutions
  • Tailor-made options to suit specific requirements
  • Ideal for both large businesses and industrial demands
  • Designing customizable cable solutions with enhanced adaptability

Future Ready Aspects of Fiber Cables and Fiber LIU

AE Connect has developed fiber cables and fiber LIUs using advanced technology to meet future needs. These products are designed to meet changing needs and provide insights into the future of infrastructure. Some important future trends and opportunities that are associated with fiber cables and fiber LIU are as follows:

  • Facilitating the expansion of 5G wireless networks through the use of fiber optics for improved connectivity
  • Establishing and connecting additional data centers for better cloud computing systems
  • Developing new all-optical network technologies, decreasing the need for electrical processing, and increasing efficiency
  • Trying out fiber optics in many fields, such as healthcare, marine, and aerospace
  • Developing innovative fiber optic network concepts and services such as cloud computing, edge computing, and artificial intelligence (quantum computing)


Fiber LIU technology, its products, and services have boosted networking and telecommunications infrastructure tremendously. The global transition from copper to fiber immensely benefited businesses by accelerating the transmission of data and saving time and money. Fiber light interface units have simplified wired networks completely, benefiting all business units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is one advantage of using fiber optic cabling rather than copper cabling?

Using fiber cable technology has various benefits. One important advantage is its lightning-fast routing system. This means data can flow faster and with substantially more bandwidth, improving overall performance and efficiency.

Q2. What is fiber optic termination?

The integration of connectors, or the process of connecting each optical fiber inside a cable, is essential to optical fiber infrastructure. This completion of the interconnection system on a cable lays the foundation for expanding connectivity within the cable or network loop.

Q3. How can AE Connect help you with network infrastructure?

AE Connect provides top-tier networking products and solutions by employing significant expertise in networking and connection infrastructure. Our products and services are highly configurable to fulfill individual demands and are intended to coincide with your company’s objectives.

Q4. Apart from speed, what is another advantage of fiber over copper?

Fiber optic connections can support longer distances in addition to being faster than copper. When considering transmission range, fiber optic cables usually outperform conventional copper cables by a significant margin without experiencing any signal degradation. This allows the cable to transmit data across long distances. For instance, some 10 Gbps single-mode fiber cables can transmit signals over 25 miles (40 kilometers), whereas some 10 Gbps multimode fiber cables can carry signals for up to 1,312 feet (400 meters) approximately