Exploring the Utility of the 16-Port PoE Switch to Boost Connectivity

16 Port PoE Switch

The 16-Port PoE Switch, which can address a variety of networking requirements, provides the best option between high-speed Gigabit and economical Fast Ethernet. The switch becomes the driving power for your devices, supporting IP cameras, Wi-Fi access points, VoIP phones, and secure access systems, thanks to the smooth integration of Power over Ethernet (PoE). Depending on the degree of customization needed, a 16 port PoE switch can provide managed or unmanaged communication systems. In this article, we shall examine the important aspects of this device and the utilities and provisions you can employ to optimize your connectivity.

What is a 16-Port PoE Switch?

It is a network device with 16 ports that supply connected devices—like PCs, printers, IP cameras, wireless access points, or VoIP phones—with power and data. PoE, or power over Ethernet, is a technology that allows data to be sent via network cables and wires together with electrical power. With its simplified installation and management, there is no need for separate power adapters or outlets.
With the growing importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) in all business domains, AE Connect positions itself as the leading provider of 16-port PoE switch integration.

The 16-Port PoE Switch Device Types That AE Connect Offers

AE Connect provides customized solutions for computer enthusiasts, IT-enabled service companies, and corporations looking to upgrade their network systems. With compatibility for both Gigabit and reasonably priced Fast Ethernet, our 16-port PoE switch falls into the categories of unmanaged PoE switches and managed industrial PoE switches. The former comes with plug-and-play simplicity, while the latter provides granular control.
These switches connect multiple devices and are very configurable. We will discuss unmanaged 16 port PoE switch devices followed by 16 port-managed industrial switches in the sections below.

16-Port Fast Ethernet PoE Switch: AEIN-PS16FE2GC

The 16-Port Fast Ethernet PoE switch, model number AEIN-PS16FE2GC, is an extremely efficient device with two versatile combo uplink ports (copper and fiber) that support the IEEE802.3af/at standard. With a 250W power budget and 30W allotted to each PoE port, this 16-port PoE switch is ideal for a wide variety of networking devices, including IP cameras, WLAN access points, IP phones, and office access control systems. Therefore, it is an essential networking device.

  • It functions as a plug-and-play device (unmanaged), meaning it doesn’t need to be configured or managed.
  • With a data transfer speed of 1000 Mbps, the two combo uplink ports can be utilized as fiber or copper ports.
  • This switch device has a surge protection of 6 KV and a total power budget of 250 W. 

16-port Managed Industrial Switch: AE700-IPS16GE2GF-M

With two Gigabit fiber (SPF) uplink ports and robust IP40 metal industrial protection, the Managed Industrial 16-port PoE switch from AE Connect is built to withstand extreme weather conditions. It is able to tolerate temperature swings between -40 and 85 degrees Celsius with ease. The Layer 2 Managed Gigabit PoE Switch, which is best suited for IPv6 and IPv4 administration, includes an integrated L2/L4 Gigabit switching engine that guarantees fast transmission of surveillance images and videos.

  • The device supports AF/AT PoE Standard, which means it can provide power and data to other devices over Ethernet cables.
  • Further, it is an L2 Managed device, meaning it can control the network settings and traffic using Layer 2 protocols.
  • The equipment has a surge protection of 6 kilovolts; it can withstand high voltage spikes without being damaged.

The Advantages of Using AE Connect PoE Switch: Combo Uplink Ports and Surge Protection

With the benefits of combo uplink ports and surge protection, the AE Connect 16 port PoE switch is the finest option for dependable and adaptable network solutions. With the help of these features, the switch can better handle the challenging and ever-changing network environment while continuing to provide reliable and secure network services. Following are some of the advantages of using the combo uplink ports and the surge protection of the 16-port PoE switch:


  • Combo uplink ports give users the option of using fiber or copper for increased network connectivity, growth, stability, and performance.
  • By avoiding electrical damage and lowering the chance of equipment failure, data loss, or network outages, 6 KV surge protection protects switches and other connected devices.
  • In order to maintain network availability and resilience and provide continuous, secure services even under challenging circumstances, combo uplink ports and surge protection operate together.
  • By eliminating the need for extra devices or connections and facilitating a quick deployment without requiring configuration or administration, combo uplink ports and surge protection save time and money.
  • By supplying power and data to PoE-enabled devices via a single Ethernet cable, compatibility with the AF/AT PoE standard streamlines network installation and maintenance, minimizes cable clutter, and improves energy efficiency.

AE Connect 16-port PoE Switch: Affordable and Configurable

This adaptable networking solution is a great option for business enterprises looking for dependable connectivity because it is affordable and highly configurable. The 16 ports offer adequate capacity for a variety of devices, and the Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature makes it easy to integrate powered devices like VoIP phones and IP cameras. Users can further simplify and add convenience by customizing or configuring the switch to meet their own network requirements. The 16-port PoE switch from AE Connect is a suitable option for those who value effective networking solutions that are both affordable and customizable.


The AE Connect 16-Port PoE switch is versatile and dependable networking equipment that can be used for a variety of network applications. The model AEIN-PS16FE2GC, provide varying speed and cost choices to meet the needs of a wide range of users. This 16 Port PoE switch improves overall network performance and resilience and is privileged by combo uplink ports and surge protection. The AE Connect switch provides an affordable and customizable solution and utility that efficiently addresses your different networking requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the power budget and PoE standard of the switch?

With a 200W total power budget and compatibility for the IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standard, the switch can supply up to 30W of power per port to power devices like VoIP phones, IP cameras, and wireless access points.

Q2. How can I extend the transmission distance of the switch?

With Cat6 or higher cable, the switch’s long-range mode allows PoE transmissions to be extended up to 250 meters at a 10Mbps rate. When deploying devices in remote or geographically distant areas, this capacity is helpful.

Q3. How can I monitor and manage the switch?

Since the 16-port PoE switch is unmanaged, it is ready to use right out of the box and doesn’t require any configuration. On the other hand, you can monitor the power, PoE, and network connection status using the LED indicators on the front panel.